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What Is Artistry? – Expressing the Creative

At this point in time—in the 21st century—there is much talk about and interest in prophetic artistry. There are those who wish to create it and there are many who wish to observe it. Many in this latter category are also seeking to “get a Word” from G-d or they wish to receive spiritual insight into some issue in their life.

We will be delving deep into the subject of Prophetic Artistries, exploring prophecy, the prophetic, the expression of the prophetic / prophecy, what artistries are, and how artistries fit into this art genre. To build a strong structure, we must always start with a strong foundation. Thus, to be able to dive deep into the subject of Prophetic Artistries requires first exploring an overview of the topic: What Is Artistry?

To answer that question and begin to understand, appreciate, and explore Prophetic Artistries, we must use the same meanings for our words. So, we begin with a definition of the terms involved to get a solid grasp of their individual and collective concepts. Since this site is about a certain type of artistries—Prophetic Artistries—we need to understand what artistry is and what it is not.

What Artistry is Not

To understand what artistry is, we must consider what artistry is not. Perhaps we think we know what artistry is because of advertising and words that we hear used. Perhaps those who use those words do not truly know what they mean. On the other hand, perhaps those who hear the words of those who use them do not know what they actually are… or are not.

Some companies have created products and given them the name “artistry.” Some companies have simply included “artistry” in their products’ names. Then they inaccurately market them under the name or category of artistry. In doing so, they have created misunderstanding and confusion for people.

Artistry is not a Website. Artistry is not a product that can produce art nor imbue artistry into a person nor make a person an artist nor make a person artistic nor make the use of their product into a work of art. To understand what artistry is all about, let’s look at these different terms but first look at the heart of the matter.

What is Art?

As a part of speech, the word art is a noun because art is usually an object. Generally, art is an object created by human effort rather than by an act or process of nature. Moreover, like many parts of the human social construct, the purpose of art is to communicate.

As a form of communication, art may be an expression of the artist’s appreciation of beauty by producing a beautiful object. Or the artist may communicate a strong emotion or express a vague feeling. A work of art might also communicate an artist’s insight or perception.

On the other hand, a work of art might be an exaggeration of something the artist wants their audience to be aware of and/or to pay close attention to. Then again, the artist may wish to communicate a thought-provoking topic or concept. In this regard, it is also possible for an artist to provoke thought with an expression of beauty.

Art as a Form of Communication

We see that art is usually an intentional expression of some form of communication. The means of creating that expression may be with any kind of tool or device, including pencils, pens, markers, crayons, brushes, knives, kitchen utensils, saws, chainsaws, cameras, and on up to construction tools that are used in architectures from the ancient to the modern. Such tools and devices might be used on, in, or around a multitude of possible materials.

Those materials may be called mediums or media. The possible mediums used to create art are as numerous as the Earth provides or that humankind has created for themselves. These include such medias as paper, canvas, wood, glass, walls, foods and baked goods, computers, photographic paper or digital storage, construction materials, and much more all the way up to and including the sky as when used in skywriting.

In addition to the media and tools used, artists may produce their artistic communications in any of many different forms. Moreover, there are a variety of methods to create those forms such as drawing; painting; sculpting; crafting; writing; sewing; cooking; baking; designing digitally with computer software; writing, playing, mixing or producing music; and many more media, methods, and forms.

Art is Work

The limits of art have yet to be reached because of the variety of available materials, tools, forms, and methods used by artists and their boundless creative imaginations. It is interesting to realize that the human effort expended to create or produce anything is described by a technical term. It’s called “work”.

Thus, all human efforts expended on creative thought, design, planning, and the creation of art is also work. It stands to reason, then, that the products or objects that artists create are then called works of art, artwork, art pieces, or even—harkening back to the purpose of art being communication—artistic expressions. Is that artistry or what is artistry?

The Meaning of Artistry

Some people may think that artistry means being an artist or the work produced by an artist, but that is not correct although the works encapsulate it. Others may think that artistry means a certain style, type, or genre of art, and that is not correct although they express it. If a person were to think that artistry is how a style is applied to a piece of art or any endeavor, they would be much closer to what artistry is.

As a part of speech, the word artistry is another noun because it is a possession of the artist. Artistry is whatever artistic ability or creative ability and skill that an artist possesses. In continuity with that, artistry is the artist’s expression of that creative ability or skill. However, if we think of artistry as a skill, we might incorrectly assume it is something that anyone can learn.

What we each can learn depends upon our genetic makeup, which determines our capabilities, interests, and strengths. Thus, we are able to learn artistic skills that match our genetics, which also limit the level we can achieve with those specific skills. Almost everyone can be adept at some form of artistry, because the skill for artistry is borne of a great ability to do something.

What Is Artistry? We need only look at the artwork of many people who feel inspired to create art to understand that they all may be pouring out their hearts and communicating with their creations to the best of their skill level. But all do not have the same great ability to do so in the form they are attempting. So, in whatever mode, form, type, genre, material, and/or tools a person has a great ability or skill, that great ability or skill is their artistry.


About James

Hi! Welcome to my Prophetic Artistries Website. Art has been a passion of mine since I was four years old, and prophecy has been a passion since I was five years old. In my early years, I wasn’t sure how to bring the two together. Now, I have a better understanding of how to do that.

On this Website, I share with you what I have learned, and I wish to hear from you about your experiences.

My Short Art and Prophecy Story

My dad was a landscape artist with pastel chalks, my uncle John (Dad’s older brother) was a graphite artist, and their dad, my paternal grandfather, was a muralist who painted murals in public buildings.

My dad also physically built three churches and served as their pastor, in addition to his years in evangelism as an evangelist, a soloist, and a member of a traveling quartet. Sometimes, while Dad was preaching his sermons, Uncle John would be teaching me how to draw such things as people, houses, grass, flowers, trees, clouds, and airplanes.

One of my dad’s passions was prophecy. Dad was drawn to not only study prophecy in scriptures but love, research, preach, and teach biblical prophecy to his congregations in his ministerial roles as both pastor and evangelist. Thus, from my early years, I heard much about prophecy from my dad.

My first personal prophecy was from an angel in an encounter I had with him at the age of five years. My next prophecy was in my dad’s tent revival when I was 11-years-old. Since I grew into adulthood, I have had major visions and received a number of personal prophecies that I have decided to paint.

It Is About Time

I don’t mean finally. I mean it is the point in G-d’s chronological calendar in which He wants those of us whom He has empowered to do so to visually and symbolically portray His Revelations (insights) and Prophecies (future tellings). The current day focus on prophecies and art are revelations, themselves, of the fact that G-d wants His artists to reveal His messages through our art.

Renaissance artists portrayed church interpretations of biblical stories in individual and multiple illustrations, paintings, frescoes, sculptures, and architectures. Modern-day artists work in those media and more, and artists anointed by G-d to communicate His messages have so many more ways to do so. Moreover, we have greater insight into the most original writings available as well as critical thinking skills that have freed us from church-mandated interpretations and declared meanings of those writings. There is also a greater awareness, self-understanding, and courage within individuals to step into their Holy Callings and Anointings (empowerments) to use the Gifts and Talents G-d has given us.

Much of the content I will be sharing here will be focused on encouraging your Giftings and Callings in this area as well as providing access to materials, techniques and methodologies, insights, and more to assist you with your art, prophecies, and portraying prophetic art.

Camaraderie, Tools, Insights, and More

This Website is for you. For us. For those of us Called, Anointed, and Gifted to create prophetic art. This is a place to learn, to build friendships with like-minded artists with Insight, and to discover, locate, or access tools to use in creating that art and developing our skills.

This can lead to improved visual (or audial) skills and clearer messages from the Heavenly Realm.

Please look around and check things out. If you have anything to share on this topic that can benefit others, I would love to hear it. If you need assistance or have related questions, feel free to leave them below or under the appropriate post, and I or someone else in our community will be more than happy to help you out.

May we all be a blessing,

James A Capers
Prophetic Artistries

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